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Passionately curious about the human experience and our relationship with technology

Alexis "Lex" Irias


About Lex

Counselor-in-training and final year graduate Candidate for MSU’s Master of Clinical Behavioral Health and Addiction counseling. My goal is to research digital behavior and offer therapeutic support for maladaptive digital behaviors and technology addiction. 

I’m an experienced Digital Marketer and Brand Strategist. 10+ years working with startups driving and retaining users to platforms led me to ask the question, “who’s on the other side of this?”

Instructor of Yoga and Meditation in Español. Committed to helping make wellness and holistic health accessible to the Latin community in Denver.

Director of Marketing and Spanish-Language Programming for Young People in Recovery


Put your time where your intentions are.

Digitally Aware was developed to inspire individuals to hold more accountability over their digital behaviors. Blaming big tech isn't the solution, holding them accountable through our behavior is. This is the "put your money where your mouth is" of our generation.

The hope is to inspire the current and next generation to become digitally aware humans that value presence and human connection. A humanity that is able to communicate effectively, focus, think critically, play, and be bored.


I'm a serial creator.

Below are some of the brands I've created. Some of them are alive and growing. Others are concepts in patient development being built upon lively inspiration. Some possibly waiting for a merging with something or someone else.



Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, and Somatic Healing Experiences in Español.

Classes offered online and in Denver/Boulder area.




Marketing therapy they call it.

A mindful approach to building your brand and launching your business. Weekly classes at an accessible price.

Learn More



Accessible Wellness

A collective of spanish speaking wellness and holistic health providers in Denver.

Join the list.


Caring for the Cyclical Creatix.

Diosa is Spanish for Goddess. Through this brand, we focus on female vitality and empowerment. We believe in healing through sisterhood, herbs as medicine, and intuition as sacred guidance. We embody our divine being.


This project was conceptualized over seven years ago with the vision of developing a camp that would prepare students for future economic demands by teaching coding skills while incorporating the practice of tech/life balance through yoga and meditation.


In 2015 I bought the domain hondurasyoga.com with the hopes of promoting my beautiful little country as a yoga destination. The dream is still alive. In the meantime, a growing community of yogis in Honduras have found community and connection through the Honduras Yoga Facebook page.


Media & Support


lex in a grid

Case study

Student | Teacher | Student

Ever-evolving through breath and movement.

Case study

Getting Around

I love living in places where you can bike for/to entertainment.

Case study

Coolest thing I've done

Taught a bilingual yoga class at Red Rocks to 2k people.

Case study


We are each other's mirrors and mentors. Immense gratitude for the women in my life.


love the artsy fartsy shit

Show me all the colors and patterns of life.

costume and play

Costume + Play

Kidulting forever.


Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Movement as Medicine

I've found my deepest healing through dance, movement, and free expression.


Roatan is Home

A small island off the coast of Honduras is what I now call home back home. Also, have you heard of Prospera?


In the loop

My goal is for you to look forward to the emails I send.

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