Take Control of Your Digital Behavior

Digital devices are meant to serve as tools yet, they have become our daily companions.

In 2012, there was a dramatic shift in behavior as more than 50% of Americans reported owning cell phones. Coincidently, rates of depression and suicide among teens have skyrocketed since then.

The digital world has taken control of all of our lives. Tech companies are building with persuasive psychology in mind while profiting from our addictive behaviors and cognitive decline. It's time to take back the control.


Becoming Digitally Aware

By bringing conscious awareness to our digital behavior we move into a greater capacity for presence and change.


How are you?

We're living in complex times. Isolation and division is the proposed solution, both of which lead to a decrease in mental health. Contributing to an increase in unhealthy behaviors. What are your behaviors? How are these affecting you? What parts of your intimate life are need to be nurtured? How connected are you to your humanity?

Do you feel fragmented?

Let's bring you back to wholeness.

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