Becoming Digitally Aware

By bringing conscious awareness to our digital behavior we move into a greater capacity for presence and change.


The Digitally Aware Group

 A multi-week psychoeducational group experience where we explore our digital behaviors, the root of compulsivity, the modern ego, behavioral design strategies, and the pros/cons of our modern world.

As we reverse engineer the persuasive technology that hooked us; we take back our autonomy, ability to be present, and capacity for connection.

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The Outcomes

Let's Strive to Redefine the Standard of Excellence


Reclaiming Time


Optimizing Our Brain


Prioritizing Human Connection


Your Guide

Lex Irias (she/her/ella)

Counselor-in-training in her final year of a Masters in Clinical Behavioral Health and Addiction Counseling.

15 years working in digital marketing and brand strategy.

A product of her environment; a digital native, having and embracing technology from a young age, and going through the modern human's behavioral patterns with a curious mind; exploring the root causes for compulsive behaviors, the underlying needs and desires, and the sensation of dopamine.

An ongoing study of behavioral design, and trauma-informed user experience (UX) design.

Passionate about holistic health and wellness.

200-hour yoga teacher training, 40-hour trauma sensitive yoga teacher training

My therapeutic orientation is inspired by the following theories: contemplative psychology, existentialism, Gestalt, developmental theories such as; Erik Erikson's Stages of Development and Piaget's theory on intellectual development, somatic therapy, and Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith


Take Control of Your Digital Behavior

Digital devices are meant to serve as tools, yet they have become our codependent companions.

In 2012, there was a dramatic shift in behavior as more than 50% of Americans reported owning cell phones. Coincidently, rates of depression and suicide among young adults have skyrocketed since then.

The digital world has taken control of all of our lives. Tech companies are building with persuasive psychology in mind while profiting from our shortened attention and cognitive decline.

We are living in an attention economy, and it's becoming a scarce commodity.

It's time to take back control of our mind.

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